FlowersI have a backlog of blog post ideas and this one seemed the best one to clear the block and begin moving.

My mom recently sent me a box of items from the things I have stored at her home. Inside was a card with a poem I wrote while in college. At the time, I felt so strongly about the piece I used my printer to put it on a piece of fancy card.

I wrote it my first year at the University of British Columbia (UBC), in Vancouver, Canada. It felt like the beginning of so much life. I was a second year transfer student from community college. I chose Vancouver for school partly because while I visited the campus, I had a vision of my life that opened to so much joy. I was so right about UBC and the dorm life at Vancouver School of Theology. I made so many life long friends.

The poem is again on my bulletin board, above my desk, so I thought I would share the piece with you.




To discover what is truly meant by, follow your heart. 
To set out and discover what this new self holds.
To see what was once a scorched hill become fields of flowers, 
speckled with butterflies, the sound of birds, and water bubbling
through a rock in the centre. 
To sit there and sleep and dream of beauty greater. 
To fully appreciate what springs forth from what looks like stone. 
To pray, pray for peace, for love, for friendship, for faith, for guidance and for joy.
To pray for long golden days with those closest. 
To pray that the days of my life be painted with such vibrant colors that when I die
black is not an option.
To have my body washed by the waters that spring out of God.
To have my hair dried by the breath of God. 
To have my heart held by angels and made whole again by God’s touch. 
To sprout wings like eagles, and to be unafraid to trust the invisible breath of God that takes me home.
To lie in the speckled shade of summer listening to the breeze from angels wings rustle the trees.