FlowersI have a backlog of blog post ideas and this one seemed the best one to clear the block and begin moving.

My mom recently sent me a box of items from the things I have stored at her home. Inside was a card with a poem I wrote while in college. At the time, I felt so strongly about the piece I used my printer to put it on a piece of fancy card.

I wrote it my first year at the University of British Columbia (UBC), in Vancouver, Canada. It felt like the beginning of so much life. I was a second year transfer student from community college. I chose Vancouver for school partly because while I visited the campus, I had a vision of my life that opened to so much joy. I was so right about UBC and the dorm life at Vancouver School of Theology. I made so many life long friends.

The poem is again on my bulletin board, above my desk, so I thought I would share the piece with you.


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