Waking before the dawn

Sunrise over Kazinga Channel

I wrote this while I was on safari in Queen Elizabeth Park.

The stars must be a billion campfires floating in the night sky because the play of light and dark captivates me like only a warm fire can. Every micron of light is magical, as it swirls and glides through the universe towards earth and this moment, as I stand on a small hill above the vernal plains home to Lions, Leopards, and Elephants.

We drive out before the sun begins its climb above the horizon to look for these animals. Being a person who rarely wakes before the dawn I forget how extraordinarily the sun presents the new day to all of life. This morning it shaded the entire savannah with undertones of pink.  While the white trunks of the Acacia trees seemed to absorb the entire splendor, reflecting the changing sky back to the sun.