Story of Time

A lioness As told by Irene Nangoma January 28, 2013 A long time ago there was an old lady who liked digging (farming) in a very hot place.  One day a small boy came to her. He explained that his master had sent him to find the old woman and to ask for time. So she wrapped the time in some paper and gave it to the boy. The boy started his long walk home. He crossed an ocean and traveled many miles. As he was walking he met a lion.  The boy sang to the lion as he passed. Then the lion began to sing to the boy, urging him to watch him dance.  As the boy kept walking the animal kept singing, the boy finally looked back to see the lion dancing and singing.  As the boy continued his walk he found that he had lost the small package. When he returned to his master he explained the journey, the lion, and that he had lost the package containing time. The master decided to send another person.  This person again traveled a long distance before reaching the woman.  When he reached her, she again gave him time wrapped in paper and sent him home. This boy crossed the ocean and also traveled many miles.  As he traveled he met the same lion.  The lion sang and danced and tried to get the boy to turn and look.  This time the boy didn’t turn back, instead he went yelling for the villagers. The villagers came to him and asked why he looked so scared. As he explained the dancing lion, the villagers were also scared, so they went out to hunt the animal. The boy continued home to his master. When he arrived, he gave the master the package.  As the master unwrapped the package, day and night were created, and time began.   * A common saying here is that ” God gave westerners watches, but gave Ugandan’s time.”

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  1. I don’t wear a watch, but I do watch the clock on occasion. I’d like to know what all the Ugandan’s considered a part of time: sleep, dancing, laughing, studying, talking……

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